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User Reviews

A lot of people love If we’ve made you happy send us an email to

“I have one last request, and that is that you forward this email to your supervisor.

I do about 80% of my shopping on line, and have been doing as such for about the last 8 years. On occasion a snafu comes up, and I have to say, hands down, my experience with you was the best I've ever had.

You handled the problem immediately, but more-so that than, I actually felt like I was talking to a real person and not a computer. I happen to be in the customer service industry myself, 20 years in the insurance industry, and as of late, in the retail business.

You not only met, but exceeded my every expectation.”

- LaRae N

“You guys are the fastest people ever to get back to me. Kudos to you my man.”

- Bruce B

“Thank you so much for the great customer service!”

- Deborah A

“Thank you for your understanding and help with this. I really appreciate it and will be spreading the word on what great customer service you have.”

- Jan S

“Well it is refreshing to receive good customer service. We don't get it too often & you certainly have what it takes to provide it to your customers.”

- Jean M

“Thank you so much for superior customer service!!! My son's birthday is next friday he will be three and he is Bob's biggest fan. When people ask him his name he says "I'm Bob Marley" I am taking him to see Ziggy in June. You can check him out on you tube under Tenzin and Bob if you want a laugh.”

- Tiff W

“Just got my package, super fast shipping and fantastic customer service! You are the kind of company I really enjoy doing business with...I will be back and I will tell all my friends.”

- Steve T

“I just wanted to express how wonderful your product and shipping time was! WOW what great customer service. You have gained a long term customer with such steller service. Kind Regards”

- Jenny J

“YOU ROCK..thank should be on Facebook so I can promote your good work!!”

- Traci T

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